Florida Criminal Penalties

The penalties a defendant faces for a criminal charge include jail, probation, fines, community service, court ordered programs, and having a conviction on their record. In addition to these criminal penalties, there are many other negative consequences that may affect the defendant, such as:

1) Termination or denial of employment.
2) Loss or denial of professional licenses.
3) Suspension or expulsion from school.
4) Loss of grants or scholarships.
5) Loss of civil rights, including the right to vote.
6) Loss of right to possess firearms.
7) Administrative driver license suspension.
8) Deportation or denial of citizenship.
9) Loss of reputation in your community.

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Florida Criminal Penalty Statutes:

Florida Statute 775.082 – Penalties; applicability of sentencing structures; mandatory minimum sentences for certain reoffenders previously released from prison.
Florida Statute 775.083 – Fines.
Florida Statute 775.0837 – Habitual misdemeanor offenders.
Florida Statute 775.084 – Violent career criminals; habitual felony offenders and habitual violent felony offenders; three-time violent felony offenders; definitions; procedure; enhanced penalties or mandatory minimum prison terms.
Florida Statute 775.08435 – Prohibition on withholding adjudication in felony cases.
Florida Statute 775.0845 – Wearing mask while committing offense; reclassification.
Florida Statute 775.0846 – Possession of bulletproof vest while committing certain offenses.
Florida Statute 775.0847 – Possession or promotion of certain images of child pornography; reclassification.
Florida Statute 775.085 – Evidencing prejudice while committing offense; reclassification.
Florida Statute 775.0861 – Offenses against persons on the grounds of religious institutions; reclassification.
Florida Statute 775.087 – Possession or use of weapon; aggravated battery; felony reclassification; minimum sentence.
Florida Statute 775.0875 – Unlawful taking, possession, or use of law enforcement officer’s firearm; crime reclassification; penalties.
Florida Statute 775.16 – Drug offenses; additional penalties.
Florida Statute 921.0022 – Criminal Punishment Code; offense severity ranking chart.
Florida Statute 921.0023 – Criminal Punishment Code; ranking unlisted felony offenses.
Florida Statute 921.0024 – Criminal Punishment Code; worksheet computations; scoresheets.
Florida Statute 958.04 – Judicial disposition of youthful offenders.

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