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We draft settlement agreements for clients throughout the Orlando and Central Florida area involved in divorce cases. If you are involved in a divorce case, call us today to speak with an experienced Orlando divorce attorney. At the Wilson Law Firm, we work to protect your interests and to assist you in resolving your situation in an effective and efficient manner.

Settlement Agreements:

When the parties reach an agreement on the issues involved in their divorce, a settlement agreement will need to be drafted that adequately reflects the agreement. A settlement agreement is binding upon the parties and you should be certain that you understand all of the provisions of this agreement before signing the document.

In addition, you should ensure that the terms of the settlement agreement are not contrary to Florida law and that the agreement contains provisions to protect your interests should the other party fail to abide by the agreement.

We see a number of cases where parties signed settlement agreements and later found out that the document did not accurately reflect what they believed the agreement to be, or failed to include critical provisions to protect their interests. It is recommended that you have an attorney review any settlement agreement before signing it.

Child Support Cannot be Waived:

One of the common mistakes that parties sometimes make is in regards to child support. In many cases, one of the parties will agree to provisions that are not in their interest, provided that the other party agrees to waive the payment of child support. The problem with this is that CHILD SUPPORT CANNOT BE WAIVED by the parties, child support is a right of the child and the Court will not uphold that provision in the agreement and will order that child support be paid. The Court will, however, many times uphold all of the other provisions of the agreement including the unfavorable provisions that the party agreed to in exchange for the promised waiver of child support.

Timelines and Consequences:

In many cases, it may be necessary to provide specific time frames and consequences in the agreement. For example, if one party is to pay the other party a monetary amount, you would want to include when the payment needs to be made by as well as what would happen if the payment isn’t made by that date.

Experienced Orlando Divorce Attorney – Settlement Agreement:

Attorney Joel Wilson has over 20 years of experience and has handled thousands of cases during his legal career. He understands both the legal and emotional issues involved in divorce and family law cases and is an experienced trial attorney. While most divorce cases do not result in a trial, there are some that will, and when a case cannot be resolved except by trial, you will want an experienced trial attorney to present your side of the case in a persuasive and effective manner. In many cases, people who fail to seek legal representation later discover that they have made critical mistakes, due to a misunderstanding of the law and how it relates to their unique situation, which have devastating consequences in regards to alimony, their children or financial situation. At the Wilson Law Firm, we work to protect your interests and to assist you in resolving your situation in an effective and efficient manner.

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