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We represent people throughout the Orlando and Central Florida area in divorce cases involving high assets.  If you are involved in a divorce case that has a significant amount of assets, call us today to speak with an experienced Orlando divorce attorney. At the Wilson Law Firm, we work to protect your interests and to assist you in resolving your situation in an effective and efficient manner.

High Asset Cases:

While the laws are the same in high asset cases as they are in cases with little or no assets, high asset cases typically require a better understanding of finance and the review more financial documentation. In addition, if a party doesn’t fully understand what a fair and equitable distribution of the assets and debts would be in their dissolution of marriage, any mistakes will involve significantly higher amounts than in low asset divorces. The Wilson Law Firm has handled high asset cases including cases involving millions of dollars of assets and incomes in excess of a million dollars. In addition to his law degree (Juris Doctorate), Joel Wilson also has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) which assists in the understanding of complex cases involving high assets. In certain contested cases, expert witnesses, including forensic accountants, business evaluators, and vocational experts may also be necessary.

Common Issues Involved in High Asset Cases:

1) Business Valuations 2) Division of Stock, Financial & Retirement Accounts 3) Sale or Equitable Division of Multiple Properties 4) Trust Accounts Our goal in every case is to ensure that our client’s receive a fair and equitable share of the assets involved in their case. The majority of our case are resolved without the need to go to trial, however, the firm has significant trial experience and will effectively present your side of the case and protect your interests should a trial be necessary.

Florida Statutes:

Speak with an Orlando divorce attorney today or review the following Florida Statutes for some more information on divorce and equitable distribution in Florida:
Florida Statute 61.075
– Equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities.
Florida Statute 61.076-  Distribution of retirement plans upon dissolution of marriage.

Experienced Orlando Divorce Attorney – High Asset Cases:

Attorney Joel Wilson has over 20 years of experience and has handled thousands of cases during his legal career. He understands both the legal and emotional issues involved in divorce and family law cases and is an experienced trial attorney. While most divorce cases do not result in a trial, there are some that will, and when a case cannot be resolved except by trial, you will want an experienced trial attorney to present your side of the case in a persuasive and effective manner. In many cases, people who fail to seek legal representation later discover that they have made critical mistakes, due to a misunderstanding of the law and how it relates to their unique situation, which have devastating consequences in regards to alimony, their children or financial situation. At the Wilson Law Firm, we work to protect your interests and to assist you in resolving your situation in an effective and efficient manner.

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