Florida Divorce Laws / Florida Family Law Statutes


Florida Statute 61.001 – Purpose of chapter.
Florida Statute 61.011 – Dissolution in chancery.
Florida Statute 61.021 – Residence requirements.
Florida Statute 61.031 – Dissolution of marriage to be a vinculo.
Florida Statute 61.0401 – Application of the law of a foreign country in courts relating to matters arising out of or relating to this chapter and chapter 88.
Florida Statute 61.043 – Commencement of a proceeding for dissolution of marriage or for alimony and child support; dissolution questionnaire.
Florida Statute 61.044 – Certain existing defenses abolished.
Florida Statute 61.046 – Definitions.
Florida Statute 61.052 – Dissolution of marriage.
Florida Statute 61.061 Proceedings against nonresidents.
Florida Statute 61.071 – Alimony pendente lite; suit money.
Florida Statute 61.075 – Equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities.
Florida Statute 61.076 – Distribution of retirement plans upon dissolution of marriage.
Florida Statute 61.077 – Determination of entitlement to setoffs or credits upon sale of marital home.
Florida Statute 61.079 – Premarital agreements.
Florida Statute 61.08 – Alimony.
Florida Statute 61.09 – Alimony and child support unconnected with dissolution.
Florida Statute 61.10 – Adjudication of obligation to support spouse or minor child unconnected with dissolution; parenting plan.
Florida Statute 61.11 – Writs.
Florida Statute 61.12 – Attachment or garnishment of amounts due for alimony or child support.
Florida Statute 61.122 – Parenting plan recommendation; presumption of psychologist’s good faith; prerequisite to parent’s filing suit; award of fees, costs, reimbursement.
Florida Statute 61.125 – Parenting coordination.
Florida Statute 61.13 – Support of children; parenting and time-sharing; powers of court.
Florida Statute 61.13001 – Parental relocation with a child.
Florida Statute 61.13002 – Temporary time-sharing modification and child support modification due to military service.
Florida Statute 61.13003 – Court-ordered electronic communication between a parent and a child.
Florida Statute 61.1301 – Income deduction orders
Florida Statute 61.13015 – Petition for suspension or denial of professional licenses and certificates.
Florida Statute 61.13016 – Suspension of driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registrations.
Florida Statute 61.1354 – Sharing of information between consumer reporting agencies and the IV-D agency.
Florida Statute 61.14 – Enforcement and modification of support, maintenance, or alimony agreements or orders.
Florida Statute 61.16 – Attorney’s fees, suit money, and costs.
Florida Statute 61.17 – Alimony and child support; additional method for enforcing orders and judgments; costs, expenses.
Florida Statute 61.18 – Alimony and child support; default in undertaking of bond posted to ensure payment.
Florida Statute 61.181 – Depository for alimony transactions, support, maintenance, and support payments; fees.
Florida Statute 61.1811 – Clerk of the Court Child Support Enforcement Collection System Trust Fund.
Florida Statute 61.1812 – Child Support Incentive Trust Fund.
Florida Statute 61.1814 – Child Support Enforcement Application and Program Revenue Trust Fund.
Florida Statute 61.1816 – Child Support Clearing Trust Fund.
Florida Statute 61.1824 – State Disbursement Unit.
Florida Statute 61.1825 – State Case Registry.
Florida Statute 61.1826 – Procurement of services for State Disbursement Unit and the non-Title IV-D component of the State Case Registry; contracts and cooperative agreements; penalties; withholding payment.
Florida Statute 61.1827 – Identifying information concerning applicants for and recipients of child support services.
Florida Statute 61.183 – Mediation of certain contested issues.
Florida Statute 61.19 – Entry of judgment of dissolution of marriage, delay period.
Florida Statute 61.191 – Application.
Florida Statute 61.20 – Social investigation and recommendations regarding a parenting plan.
Florida Statute 61.21 – Parenting course authorized; fees; required attendance authorized; contempt.
Florida Statute 61.29 – Child support guidelines; principles.
Florida Statute 61.30 – Child support guidelines; retroactive child support.
Florida Statute 61.401 – Appointment of guardian ad litem.
Florida Statue 61.402 – Qualifications of guardians ad litem.
Florida Statute 61.403 – Guardians ad litem; powers and authority.
Florida Statute 61.404 – Guardians ad litem; confidentiality.
Florida Statute 61.405 – Guardians ad litem; immunity.
Florida Statue 61.45 – Court-ordered parenting plan; risk of violation; bond.


Florida Statute 61.501 – Short title.
Florida Statute 61.502 – Purposes of part; construction of provisions.
Florida Statute 61.503 – Definitions.
Florida Statute 61.504 – Proceedings governed by other law.
Florida Statute 61.505 – Application to Indian tribes.
Florida Statute 61.506 – International application of part.
Florida Statute 61.507 – Effect of child custody determination.
Florida Statute 61.508 – Priority.
Florida Statute 61.509 – Notice to persons outside the state.
Florida Statute 61.510 – Appearance and limited immunity.
Florida Statute 61.511 – Communication between courts.
Florida Statute 61.512 – Taking testimony in another state.
Florida Statute 61.513 – Cooperation between courts; preservation of records.
Florida Statute 61.514 – Initial child custody jurisdiction.
Florida Statute 61.515 – Exclusive, continuing jurisdiction.
Florida Statute 61.516 – Jurisdiction to modify a determination.
Florida Statute 61.517 – Temporary emergency jurisdiction.
Florida Statute 61.518 – Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder.
Florida Statute 61.519 – Simultaneous proceedings.
Florida Statute 61.520 – Inconvenient forum.
Florida Statute 61.521 – Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct.
Florida Statute 61.522 – Information to be submitted to the court.
Florida Statute 61.523 – Appearance of parties and child.
Florida Statute 61.524 – Definitions.
Florida Statute 61.525 – Enforcement under the Hague Convention.
Florida Statute 61.526 – Duty to enforce.
Florida Statute 61.527 – Temporary visitation.
Florida Statute 61.528 – Registration of child custody determination.
Florida Statute 61.529 – Enforcement of registered determination.
Florida Statute 61.530 – Simultaneous proceedings.
Florida Statue 61.531 – Expedited enforcement of child custody determination.
Florida Statute 61.532 – Service of petition and order.
Florida Statute 61.533 – Hearing and order.
Florida Statute 61.534 – Warrant to take physical custody of child.
Florida Statute 61.535 – Costs, fees, and expenses.
Florida Statute 61.536 – Recognition and enforcement.
Florida Statute 61.537 – Appeals.
Florida Statue 61.538 – Role of state attorney.
Florida Statute 61.539 – Role of law enforcement officers.
Florida Statute 61.540 – Costs and expenses.
Florida Statute 61.541 – Application and construction.
Florida Statute 61.542 – Transitional provision.


Florida Statute 741.01 – County court judge or clerk of the circuit court to issue marriage license; fee.
Florida Statute 741.011 – Installment payments.
Florida Statute 741.02 – Additional fee.
Florida Statute 741.03 – County court judge or clerk of the circuit court not to send out marriage license signed in blank.
Florida Statute 741.0305 – Marriage fee reduction for completion of premarital preparation course.
Florida Statute 741.0306 – Creation of a family law handbook.
Florida Statute 741.04 – Marriage license issued.
Florida Statute 741.041 – Marriage license application valid for 60 days.
Florida Statute 741.0405 – When marriage license may be issued to persons under 18 years.
Florida Statute 741.05 – Penalty for violation of ss. 741.03, 741.04(1).
Florida Statute 741.07 – Persons authorized to solemnize matrimony.
Florida Statute 741.08 – Marriage not to be solemnized without a license.
Florida Statute 741.09 – Record of license and certificate.
Florida Statute 741.10 – Proof of marriage where no certificate available.
Florida Statute 741.21 – Incestuous marriages prohibited.
Florida Statute 741.211 – Common-law marriages void.
Florida Statute 741.212 – Marriages between persons of the same sex.
Florida Statute 741.23 – Husband not liable for wife’s torts.
Florida Statute 741.235 – Doctrine of interspousal tort immunity abrogated.
Florida Statute 741.24 – Civil action against parents; willful destruction or theft of property by minor.
Florida Statute 741.28 – Domestic violence; definitions.
Florida Statute 741.281 – Court to order batterers’ intervention program attendance.
Florida Statute 741.283 – Minimum term of imprisonment for domestic violence.
Florida Statute 741.29 – Domestic violence; investigation of incidents; notice to victims of legal rights and remedies; reporting.
Florida Statute 741.2901 – Domestic violence cases; prosecutors; legislative intent; investigation; duty of circuits; first appearance.
Florida Statute 741.2902 – Domestic violence; legislative intent with respect to judiciary’s role.
Florida Statute 741.30 – Domestic violence; injunction; powers and duties of court and clerk; petition; notice and hearing; temporary injunction; issuance of injunction; statewide verification system; enforcement.
Florida Statute 741.31 – Violation of an injunction for protection against domestic violence.
Florida Statute 741.313 – Unlawful action against employees seeking protection.
Florida Statute 741.315 – Recognition of foreign protection orders.
Florida Statute 741.316 – Domestic violence fatality review teams; definition; membership; duties.
Florida Statute 741.3165 – Certain information exempt from disclosure.
Florida Statute 741.32 – Batterers’ intervention programs.
Florida Statute 741.325 – Requirements for batterers’ intervention programs.
Florida Statute 741.401 – Legislative findings; purpose.
Florida Statute 741.402 – Definitions; ss. 741.401-741.409.
Florida Statute 741.403 – Address confidentiality program; application; certification.
Florida Statute 741.404 – Certification cancellation.
Florida Statute 741.405 – Agency use of designated address.
Florida Statute 741.406 – Voting by program participant; use of designated address by supervisor of elections.
Florida Statute 741.408 – Assistance for program applicants.
Florida Statute 741.409 – Adoption of rules.
Florida Statute 741.465 – Public records exemption for the Address Confidentiality Program for Victims of Domestic Violence.


Florida Statute 742.011 – Determination of paternity proceedings; jurisdiction.
Florida Statute 742.021 – Venue, process, complaint.
Florida Statute 742.031 – Hearings; court orders for support, hospital expenses, and attorney’s fee.
Florida Statute 742.032 – Filing of location information.
Florida Statute 742.045 – Attorney’s fees, suit money, and costs.
Florida Statute 742.06 – Jurisdiction retained for future orders.
Florida Statute 742.07 – Effect of adoption.
Florida Statute 742.08 – Default of support payments.
Florida Statute 742.09 – Publishing names; penalty.
Florida Statute 742.091 – Marriage of parents.
Florida Statute 742.10 – Establishment of paternity for children born out of wedlock.
Florida Statute 742.105 – Effect of a determination of paternity from a foreign jurisdiction.
Florida Statute 742.107 – Determining paternity of child with mother under 16 years of age when impregnated.
Florida Statute 742.108 – Criminal penalties for false statements of paternity.
Florida Statute 742.11 – Presumed status of child conceived by means of artificial or in vitro
Florida Statute 742.12 – Scientific testing to determine paternity. insemination or donated eggs or preembryos.
Florida Statute 742.13 – Definitions.
Florida Statute 742.14 – Donation of eggs, sperm, or preembryos.
Florida Statute 742.15 – Gestational surrogacy contract.
Florida Statute 742.16 – Expedited affirmation of parental status for gestational surrogacy.
Florida Statute 742.17 – Disposition of eggs, sperm, or preembryos; rights of inheritance.
Florida Statute 742.18 – Disestablishment of paternity or termination of child support obligation.


Florida Statute 751.01 – Purpose of act.
Florida Statute 751.011 – Definitions.
Florida Statute 751.02 – Temporary or concurrent custody proceedings; jurisdiction.
Florida Statute 751.03 – Petition for temporary or concurrent custody; contents.
Florida Statute 751.04 – Notice and opportunity to be heard.
Florida Statute 751.05 – Order granting temporary or concurrent custody.


Florida Statute 752.001 – Definitions.
Florida Statute 752.011 – Petition for grandparent visitation with a minor child.
Florida Statute 752.015 – Mediation of visitation disputes.
Florida Statute 752.02 – Persons who must be served notice of petition; manner of service.
Florida Statute 752.071 -Effect of adoption by stepparent or close relative.


Florida Statute 784.046 – Action by victim of repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence for protective injunction; dating violence investigations, notice to victims, and reporting; pretrial release violations.
Florida Statute 784.047 – Penalties for violating protective injunction against violators.


Florida Statute 827.06 – Nonsupport of dependents.
Florida Statute 827.08 – Misuse of child support money. _____________________________________________________________

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